WHy so cheap?

If you love thrift the way we love thrift, then LOVES THRIFT is the one place you can't miss. All items are $1 or even less. We think when the general public is providing the goods, they should be resold at an affordable rate, giving everyone a chance to get the clothes, the deals, and have the fun of hunting for that perfect outfit.

Where We Are

Loves Thrift is located at 3400 E. Main St in Endwell, NY. We are in between Burger King and the Kwik fill. (Formerly Carr Printing buildings). 

Our second location will be in or near York, PA. Expect that location in late 2016 - early 2017.

  • SUper affordable only $1!
  • local fair wage jobs
  • great constantly turning selection of unique items.
  • CRAzy fun! Find your steal of a deal!
  • Start a resale business online
  • All goods are Donated by local community
  • motivation is to do good
  • a buck or two will cover costs while providing fair wages and fair profits.
  • ‚Äčwe've got families too!

WHy shop here?

What WE Do

Loves Thrift is a locally owned and run FOR PROFIT company, reselling locally collected used clothing for crazy cheap prices providing affordable clothing and household goods to the communities we serve. 

other programs we hope to start

Local small business startup seminars, based on buying low and selling for more on ebay, etc.  Local safe drop off for freecycle, Local clothing and household good recycling drop off, where we'll sell the reusable items for a buck or two. Local resource for thrift in all of Broome and Surrounding areas. 

What's New

Loves Thrift

Second hand clothing and Household goods for $1

WHO Is doing this?

  • ReNew more, Inc.
  • Started Jan 2015
  • NYS Sub S corp
  • President Wesley Earle
  • SEC/Trea. Michelle Love
  • Location Wanted
  • prefer central Broome
  • 10% of sales first year
  • expect 10+10 yr Lease 2017
  • help a local company start
  • help us do good