Loves Thrift

Second hand clothing and Household goods for $1

Have both finicky and expensive tastes that can blow even "the Donald's" budget. Help your teen and tween make the great impression they crave while offering truly one of a kind finds for OMG way less!

GIVE YOUR CHILD plenty to choose from without making your credit card cry!

Have their needs and wants too. But hey, we're always last on the list, it seems. At Loves Thrift, you can get that totally silly mini you'll only wear for the High School reunion and feel good both in your wallet and in the compliments. (What is your secret, girl?)

  • recycled clothing
  • locally owned and run
  • fair wages, fair profits
  • for profit and for good
  • helping local families
  • helping local non-profits
  • truly community centered

"Recycling Matters to everyone"

up to 7% of our landfills are reuseable and recyclable textiles. With our parent company, ReNew More, Inc. we believe the future needs us all to reduce and reuse locally wherever possible. We host bins, paying local non-profits for the space, and return the benefit to the community in super low cost clothing for the whole family.

for     little ones

Teens and Tweens

mom & Dad's

Kids are always growing out of their duds, and we aim to help keep your budget balanced while giving your little ones some fun and stylin' clothing for school, play, and that really fancy sunday service Aunt Molly will be at, judging how your raskles are dressed!